Slade Gorton’s aim is to offer all our customers sustainable seafood choices across all product offerings, through association with organizations such as:


Sustainable Fisheries Partnership


Marine Stewardship Council


Aquaculture Certification Council


Global Aquaculture Alliance


World Wildlife Fund


Gulf of Maine Research Institute


National Fisheries Institute


Ocean Trust


Fish Choice

Commitment to Sustainability

Slade Gorton’s legacy has and will continue to be dependent on the sustainability of the oceans’ resources as the most efficient and environmentally sound way to feed a growing global population.  We believe that sustainability is as much managing the world’s resources as it is about feeding people.

For over 150 years, the Gorton family has relied on the sustained resources of the ocean to provide America with wholesome and nutritious seafood. Our commitment to responsible fishing and farming practices that are built around the care and long-term sustainability of the harvest is central to our mission and is reflected in the care with which we select our seafood supply chain partners.

Slade Gorton continuously works with our seafood supply sources to ensure their practices and philosophies are aligned with ours, and that they are committed to continuous improvement in responsible harvesting and farming, enhancements in food safety and traceability as well as reducing the social impacts associated with global fishing practices.

Slade Gorton enthusiastically supports the efforts of the many leading global organizations who are dedicated to developing and monitoring these practices. Slade Gorton’s aim is to offer the public marketplace sustainable seafood choices across all product offerings.

To see our sustainability policy please follow the link below.

The Slade Gorton Sustainable Seafood Policy