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An Industry Mainstay

Quality, service and integrity are at the heart of our business.

Seafood is a wonder. How it gets from the depths of the world’s oceans to our table is a complex and exciting process. Through old trades and new technologies, managing this process the seafood supply chain is what Slade Gorton does best.

No one matches the breadth and depth of our seafood product line. Including over 100 seafood species, our product line is built around high-volume, highly-demanded seafood products complemented by regional and seasonal specialties.

By leveraging our direct global supply network of fresh or frozen seafood suppliers, we can ensure our customers consistent availability and product integrity, while providing visibility up the supply chain to manage traceability, food safety and help mitigate market and supply risk.

Slade Gorton develops and manages fresh and frozen seafood programs for some of our nation’s largest retailers, distributors and chain restaurants. We work collaboratively with our supply chain partners to drive supply chain inefficiency out of the supply chain, lower costs, improve operating margins and keep the miles and the dollars off the fish.