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Our Commitments

Seafood for a Lifetime

Food is at the foundation of vitality, happiness and human connection. Ensuring a safe and sustainable supply of wholesome and delicious seafood products has been our family’s passion and our life’s work. Together with our partners in Iceland, and throughout our global network of responsible and dedicated fishermen and suppliers, we are committed to: - Reducing waste - Regenerating resources - Reshaping the consumer’s experience with seafood


Feeding a Hungry World

At Slade Gorton, we believe that sustainability is as much about feeding people as it is about managing the world’s resources. With over 7.7 billion people on the planet, our oceans’ fisheries and global aquaculture systems represent the most efficient, nutritious and environmentally sound source for animal protein.

Our seafood products are certified as sustainable, while we work together with additional suppliers and fisheries to ensure they have the resources and incentives necessary to move along the continuum of responsible harvesting practices

Food Safety & Quality

Safe Food, Safe Practices, Safe People

Ensuring a wholesome, traceable and safe supply of seafood is job #1 at Slade Gorton. Our plants operate under strict HACCP standards and are ceritifed at the highest level by Safe Quality Foods (SQF-3). We work directly with our suppliers to ensure adherence to the same strict protocols and require comprehensive 3rd party food safety audits at all facilities. Best practices in safe handling and processing are shared widely in order to support full traceability and coninuous improvement efforts along the seafood supply chain.

Premium Seafood from Start to Finish