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Atlantic Salmon

The Original Farmed Seafood

Slade Gorton carries one of the largest portfolios of fresh and frozen farmed raised Atlantic salmon in the United States. We import, pack and distribute frozen Atlantic salmon under the ICYBAY brand to foodservice and retail customers throughout the country. We also provide one of the most versatile fresh salmon programs available to our foodservice and retail customers. Our farm raised Atlantic salmon meets world-class quality and traceability standards. Farm raised Atlantic salmon is one of the most popular seafood items in the United States for its versatility, availability and affordability.

  • Rich taste and delicate flake
  • Versatile menu applications
  • Bake, broil, sauté and grill

Expertly Farm Raised and Consistently Processed

Chile, Canada, Norway, Scotland, Faroe Islands, Iceland

  • Non-Genetically Modified
  • Best Aquaculture Practices Certified
  • Limited carbon footprint

Fresh Atlantic Salmon

Description Pack Cert.
2-3# D-Trim, Skinless, Boneless Fillet TW 35# BAP
3-4# D-Trim, Skinless, Boneless Fillet TW 35# BAP
3-4# D-Trim, Skin-on, Boneless Fillet TW 10# BAP
GFSi Global Food Safety Initiative Certified Best Aquaculture Practices