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Black Mussels

Savory South American Shellfish

ICYBAY black mussels are available frozen in variety of product forms and pack sizes. Black Mussels are sustainably farm raised and processed with or without the shells by a several producer partners in Chile. Feature mussels as a cost-effective shellfish item either as a shareable appetizer or as an entrée.

  • Sweet, full taste and plump meat
  • Consistently portioned
  • Highly versatile, available with or without the shell

Expertly Farm Raised and Consistently Processed


  • BAP certified
  • 100% traceable
  • Non-GMO

Black Mussels

Description Pack
Mussel Whole VP Cooked - Chile 10 x 1#
Mussel Whole VP Cooked - Chile 5 x 2#
Mussel BAP 45-90 Meat Cooked - Chile 22 x 1#
GFSi Global Food Safety Initiative Certified Best Aquaculture Practices