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Breaded Clam Strips

The Perfect Seafood

ICYBAY breaded clam strips are produced from Atlantic quahogs sustainably harvested off the Atlantic coast. The Atlantic quahog fishery is among the most sustainably managed fisheries in the world. ICYBAY breaded clam strips are processed from machine shucked clams, mechanically breaded and flash frozen. ICYBAY breaded clam strips offer a premium quality eating experience with best-in-class breading-to- meat ratio.

  • Light taste, tender meat
  • Premium quality breading system
  • Fry or bake

Expertly Harvested and Consistently Processed


  • Trawl caught
  • 100% traceable
  • Product of the USA

Clams – Breaded

Description Pack
Breaded Clam Strips 1-6#
Breaded Clam Strips 2-3#
4 Oz Breaded Clam Strips 24-4 oz.
6 Oz Breaded Clam Strips 18-6 oz.
GFSi Global Food Safety Initiative Certified Sustainable Seafood MSC