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Domestic Sea Scallops

Proudly Produced in the USA

ICYBAY domestic sea scallops are available frozen in a variety of count sizes from our vendor partners in New Bedford. ICYBAY sea scallops are sustainably wild caught and processed in the USA. Scallops are among the most coveted proteins in foodservice for their light flavor and moderate texture. Sea scallops have a creamy look and sweet taste.

  • Sweet, full taste and plump meat
  • Packed in retail-ready bags
  • Lightly treated to preserve freshness

Expertly Wild Caught


  • 100% traceable
  • Lightly treated, Product of the USA

Sea Scallops – Domestic

Description Pack
U-10 ct Scallops IQF - USA 2 x 5#
U-12 ct Scallops IQF - USA 2 x 5#
10-20 ct Scallops IQF - USA 2 x 5#
20-30 ct Scallops IQF - USA 2 x 5#
GFSi Global Food Safety Initiative Certified Sustainable Seafood MSC