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King Crab

High Class Shellfish

Red king crab is the most popular king crab species harvested from the Bering and Barents Seas. Golden and Blue king crabs are also commercially available. Slade Gorton sources king crab legs and claws from trusted vendors in the Pacific Northwest and in Russia. King crab meat is sweet with a firm texture. Crab legs are frequently paired in a seafood combo or offered as an add-on to the main entrée. King crabs can be steamed or grilled and are usually served with drawn butter.

  • Sweet taste and tender meat
  • Available IQF in a variety of sizes
  • Steam and serve hot or cold with your favorite dipping sauce

Expertly Harvested and Consistently Processed

USA, Russia

  • Trap Caught
  • 100% traceable
  • Fully cooked and frozen at sea

Crab – King

Description Pack
14-17 ct & 16-20 ct Split 1 x 10#
6-9 ct through 20&-Up RKCL 1 x 20#
GFSi Global Food Safety Initiative