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Lobster Tails

Premium Shellfish, Every time

ICYBAY lobster tails are available frozen in a variety sizes. Slade Gorton lobster tails are produced from only the finest Maine and Canadian lobsters. Our lobster tails are consistently packed to promise a world-class dining experience. Lobster tails have a sweet flavor and tender texture. ICYBAY lobster tails are ideal for any surf and turf and seafood entrée.

  • Sweet, taste and delicate meat
  • Untreated, all-natural
  • Best served steamed with drawn butter

Expertly Harvested and Consistently Processed

USA, Canada

  • Trap Caught
  • 100% traceable
  • Consistently sized

Lobster Tails

Description Pack
3-4 oz through 16-20 oz Atlantic Lobster Tails IQF 1 x 10 #
GFSi Global Food Safety Initiative