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A Tropical Whitefish Option

ICYBAY mahi-mahi is responsibly wild caught and processed by our vendor partners in Central and South America. ICYBAY mahi-mahi is CO treated and processed close to shore to maximize freshness and guarantee a premium dining experience. Mahi is a lean fish with a sweet, mild flavor and firm, large flakes.

  • Firm fish great for tacos and sandwiches
  • Vacuumed packed portions and fillets
  • Highly versatile menu applications

Expertly Wild Caught and Consistently Processed

Columbia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru

  • Responsibly wild caught
  • 100% traceable
  • Natural portions
  • CO-treated fillets


Description Pack
4 oz to 10 oz Skinless Boneless Bloodline Out Natural Portions 1 x 10#
3-5 # to 7#-Up Co-Treated Fillets 1 x 50#
GFSi Global Food Safety Initiative