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Retail-Ready Frozen Seafood Bags

ICYBAY ICELAND frozen seafood bags are a sustainable and delicious seafood item to include in any frozen seafood case or bunker. These retail-ready bags feature wild caught Icelandic cod and haddock and farmed raised Arctic Char. Produced with no chemicals and under strict fishing and farming protocols, ICYBAY ICELAND is Good for You. Good for the Planet. ®

  • All-natural, chemical free wild Caught cod and haddock
  • Non-GMO farmed raised Arctic Char
  • Individually vacuum-packed portions

Each ICYBAY Iceland bag is efficiently packed in the USA with product from Iceland. Every retail-ready bag is carefully portioned and meets best-in-class food safety and traceability standards.

  • Clear window showcases the fish on every
  • Includes step-by-step cooking instructions
  • Available in three unique species: Cod, Haddock and Arctic Char

Frozen Retail-Ready Seafood Bags

Description Pack Cert.
Frozen Icelandic Cod Portions 10 x 1b
Frozen Icelandic Haddock Portions 10 x 1b
Frozen Icelandic Arctic Char Portions 10 x 1b