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Squid (Calamari)

A Shareable Mainstay

Slade Gorton offers a full range of cleaned and semi-cleaned calamari under the ICYBAY and SOUNDINGS brands. ICYBAY and SOUNDINGS calamari are available in a variety of of tubes and tentacles and ring packs. ICYBAY and SOUNDINGS calamari sets an industry standard for quality. Calamari has a firm texture and light taste. Calamari is most popular breaded and fried, but the item is highly versatile and performs well in in pastas, soups and salads.

  • Light taste, firm texture
  • Versatile menu applications
  • Fry or Sautée

Expertly Harvested and Consistently Processed

China, USA

  • Trawl caught
  • 100% traceable
  • Full range of forms and sizes

Squid – Calamari

Description Pack
Loligo T&T, tube-only, R&T, rings-only 4 x 2.5#
Todarodes T&T, tube-only, R&T, rings-only 4 x 2.5#
GFSi Global Food Safety Initiative