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Cod is Contributing to a Surge in American Seafood Consumption

Americans are eating more seafood these days and cod is part of the reason why.

The latest data from the National Fisheries Institute found that Americans consumed 16 pounds of seafood in 2017. The number is up over 7% from the previous year.

There are a number reasons why Americans are eating more fish. Millennials are now the country’s largest consumer group and data shows the generation is more health conscious and ready to pay extra for lean proteins from sustainable sources.

Americans in general are living healthier lifestyles. Seafood is often considered a healthy protein alternative to red meat.

Seafood is more mainstream as the rise of fast casual and casual restaurant concepts are featuring more creative fish dishes.

Bottom line is Americans want to feel good about the food they eat. They want to know that their food not just nutritious but also sourced responsibly.

Cod’s been the big winner here, reemerging as the whitefish of choice among Americans.

In 2017, cod accounted for 18% of all whitefish consumed in the US, beating tilapia, Pangasius and pollock.

Wild caught cod has a wonderful sustainability story. ICYBAY Icelandic cod, for example, is sourced from the country that invented sustainability.

The Icelandic cod fishery is among the most responsibly harvested fisheries in the world. ICYBAY Icelandic cod is all natural and processed within hours of harvest. Iceland cod isn’t just another fish on the menu on in the retail case. It’s a feel-good story about a tasty protein that’s Good for you. Good for the planet.®

There is plenty to get excited about for the future of seafood in the US. There’s a new wave of American consumers craving delicious, nutritious and sustainable protein.

Seafood fits the demand and cod is emerging as a category leader for today’s consumer.