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Icelandic Arctic Char Checks Off the Right Boxes for Today’s Consumer

Sustainability was once a catchall statement used to indicate best practices in a manufacture’s supply chain.

But sustainability has evolved from a cliché marketing feature to help sell a product. Sustainability is now a series of key indicators a manufacture must demonstrate and verify through third-party verification to prove best practices.

For us in the food business sustainability is a challenge on how we can efficiently and consistently feed the next generation of people.

Through our partners in Iceland, Slade Gorton is a vertically integrated direct source of farm raised Arctic Char, which we like to think of as the perfect fish that will feed the modern seafood consumer.

Salvelinus alpinus or Arctic Char is a cold-water fish native to the arctic and subarctic waters. The fish can be wild caught in very small volumes in Icelandic and Canadian waters. Arctic Char is an oily fish that boasts a mild taste and is high Omega-3 content. Arctic Char features an edible skin that crisps up nicely when pan seared or grilled.

Over the last 20 years our partners in Iceland have mastered farm raising Arctic Char through a truly green aquaculture system that uses Iceland’s unique geography to rear the fish to market size.

Closed containment tanks use a mix of ocean and freshwater to house the fish on land. The water is filtered naturally using Iceland’s volcanic lava rocks. There is no risk of fish escapement.

The entire operation is powered using Iceland’s geothermal energy infrastructure, which is the cleanest, most sustainable energy grid on the planet.

Arctic Char is fed a blend of sustainably sourced feed; no antibiotics are used to treat the fish.

Once Arctic Char reach market size, they are harvested and processed immediately at our partner’s state-of-the-art processing facility mere miles from the farm. The facility is a fully automated operation that minimizes processing waste– every edible part of the Arctic Char is processed.

Finally, the Slade Gorton team arranges direct fresh and frozen shipments to our facilities in Boston and Florida several days a week. The supply chain is lean and efficient; ICYBAY Iceland Arctic Char is no more than 48 hours old before it reaches the US market.

The end result is a completely sustainable and traceably fish supply from Iceland accredited with a Best Aquaculture Practices Certification.
Meeting the sustainability goals and expectations for the next generation of consumers is why Slade Gorton partnered with Iceland, the country that invented seafood sustainability.

Together, we are proud to feature an exceptional dining experience with ICYBAY Iceland Arctic Char, a fish that’s Good for you. Good for the planet. ®